Our app tracks your movement as you travel and keeps a journal of your activities. It runs in the background as you go on your adventure.


Turn your app on and go on your trip. The app will keep track of places you visit and the pictures and videos you take and put then on map.


Choose what pictures, videos and comments to share with your friends and family. Let them come along and experience your journey and your adventures.

let's enjoy together!

your adventure

Find a place to discover, create an adventure and bring our app along. You’ll be glad you did. You will find our app easy and simple to use. Each trip can be shared with others so they can build their own adventure.

share it


Take videos and pictures, mark where you’ve been, the places you’ve stayed at, and activities you’ve done. Share your comments with others. Your friends will feel like you brought them along.

use it

To create wonderful maps of the amazing places you visited and the wonderful adventures you’ve experienced. It will all be there for you to relive it and share it with the world.